Things You Can Do To Vanilla Gift Card With Exceptional Results. Every Time

Summer, the season that we all look forward to throughout the year. Good weather, holidays, beach, mountains. Prepare it with the summer gifts! You have plenty of summer items to choose from that you will need to bring in this season.

There are selected and ideal products for you to go well dressed to the beach, pool or hiking in the mountains. That you and your family are not lacking in anything. Before shopping anything, vanilla gift balance can be thought as a nice gift.

Original summer gifts

Inflatable flamenco can holder

Become everyone’s envy with this inflatable flamingo shaped can holder and space for 4 cans and invite whoever you want to enjoy their favorite drink on the beach or in the pool.

The perfect accessory to spend your best summer days in good company and with your favorite drink always at hand!

Cactus beverage dispenser

Make dreamy smoothies, juices and / or cocktails and let people serve and refresh themselves with this original cactus-shaped beverage dispenser. The container is glass with a metal screw cap and the chrome-plated plastic tap is very easy to use. It has a capacity of 3.8 liters, enough to fill a few glasses of drinks, vanilla gift balance and with its original and fun design it will be perfect on any table, even if it is empty.

Giant float diamond ring

Golden in color and with a boulder on top, this giant diamond ring-shaped float will become the center of attention.

The most original engagement ring, which will be perfect for bachelorette parties or just married parties. Ask her to marry in an original way or encourage your friend to marry this original diamond ring float that is also the most comfortable and practical to relax this summer.

Giant chopsticks (mikado)

Show off your prowess by playing Mikado in giant size.

Mikado is a skill game consisting of removing sticks from a pile, one by one, avoiding the movement of any other stick. If you fail, the turn passes to the next player.

Tweezers holding beach towel (pack of 4)

If you use to beamongst those who hates that the air moves their towel filling it with sand, these practical and ingenious beach towel clips will fit you like a finger ring.

Place one of these towel clips at each corner and make sure your towel is still in the same position you left it in before going overboard or taking a walk, even on beaches where the wind is a constant.

Beer tap

Surprise everyone at your next party or celebration with this practical beer tap . Choose your favorite beer, the best company and enjoy the foam of a freshly shot beer.

The best of the bar, without leaving home and with the beer that you like the most!

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